Why Digital Health Innovation and why now?

#1  In the past a M.D. degree was all a doctor needed for 40+ YEARS!

#2  Disruptive exponential growth.  Knowledge & Tech doubling every year!

#3  Doctors can’t read 1000’s journals, scan millions of images or visit every patient.

#4  Era of the AUGMENTED Doctor!

#5 $100s of BILLIONs invested & FIRST multi-billion-dollar digital health IPOs this year.

#6 Lack of Doctor Digital Innovation Upskilling becomes “crucial” (EU, WHO, CPME, NHS)

#7 Costly Doctor Stress & Burnout ($500K USD) & worse—daily doctor suicides!

#8 1B+ patients experience similar digital health technology “pains”

#9 Roaring TRILLION DOLLAR  market by 2025

#10 Value Based Healthcare now possible with Digital Tech + Enabled Docs! 

Why Doctors?

Every second physician suffers from high stress and burnout, according to a study by the American Medical Association.  Over the past two years we have conducted dozens of design thinking interviews, doctor surveys and have listened closely to our global medical community of doctors.  The “Pains” that were revealed include doctors:  having technology pushed on them that they were not involved in innovating, decreased lack of respect, desire to improve digital innovation skills, better communication and be included in decision making.  By enabling doctors through digital health innovation doctors are able to lead innovation of solutions and solve these pains that result in improved patient care delivery and outcomes, decreased costs, increased revenue and start to build a sustainable, innovative ecosystem.