HTC DIUP Digital Surgery Overview
Week 00 / 3 hours 10 mins
Preparation, Form Teams, Select Area of Interest, Begin Digital Health Journey

Week 01 / 6 hours
Human Centered Digital Health Literacy, Doctors’ Massively Transformative Purpose MTP & Their Patients’ Journey

Week 02 / 6 hours 30 mins
Connecting Your Flow, Passion & Purpose: Creating Future Value through Digital Literacy

Week 03 / 6 hours 20 mins
Digital to Davinci: Pre, Intra, & Post Operation Digital Surgery Best Practices

Week 04 / 6 hours 20 mins
Role of Extended Reality XR in Robotic Surgery, Ferocious FLOW states and Value Based Healthcare

Week 05 / 7 hours 10 mins
Monitoring & Bring Your Own Data BYOD IoT & Medical Devices: From Scanadu to Xanadu, True Grit to Mastery

Week 06 / 6 hours 40 mins
Exploratory Journey in IoT and Medical Devices, Value Based Care and “How might we” Design Thinking

Week 07 / 7 hours 30 mins
Creative Problem Solving & AI Data to Improve Digital Surgery Outcomes

Week 08 / 7 hours 20 mins
Role of AI to improve precision and safety in digital surgical techniques: From Curiosity to Surgeon Designer

Week 09 / 8 hours 10 mins
Real Life Health Data Experiences & Digital Surgeon Rapid Prototyping, Willpower & Perseverance in Digital Surgery

Week 10 / 7 hours
Bio 3D Printed Body Parts & Digital Surgery: Eliminate Fear of Failure & Test User Experiences

Week 11 / 5 hours 30 min
More on 3D Printing, Reducing Stress & Burnout, Feedback Grids and Surgeon Stories

Week 12 / 6 hours 50 mins
Great to Super Great, Finalizing Your Digital Surgery Proposals, Surgeon Story on Why a Need to Combine Digital Health

Week 13 / 4 hours
Final Mastery Proposal – Digital Surgery Doctor Innovator


The Digital Innovation Upskilling Program, DIUP is made up of 4 carefully designed, interconnected Modules and centered on the most important Core Competencies including Mindsets of Design, Exponential, Flow & Synarchy as well as Digital Literacy and Digital Intelligence (DQ) that doctors must have to better navigate in this digital VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous) world.

DIUP is based on proven approaches and scientific models such as “Flipped Learning” (Preview, Interactive Live Streaming, Review), and are customizable to meet the needs of one or many medical specialties such combining High Tech Surgery + Digital Health Innovation to create “Digital Surgery” which is now being offered to surgeon members through our High Tech Surgery Association HTC alliance.

All DIUPs are led by Doctor-Innovator-Facilitators sharing their Real Life Experiences in Digital Health Innovation during weekly live streams that are part of a 12 week + 1 Final Proposal program.

DIUP Programs including the Special HTC Digital Surgery Program are just $499.  A 50% Discount for Association Strategic Alliance Members and Healthcare Institution Partnerships ($999 regular non-member price).  Platform setup fees waived for members and receive 12 Month no cost Digital Health Innovation Platform DHIP access ($299 Value). Year 2 renewal is just $1 per month.

The DIUP is only the first step in a journey that will open many doors as an important part of this global ecosystem.  CERTIFIED DOCTOR INNOVATORS successfully completing the DIUP will have access to the INNOVAHUB to co-design/co-create new digital health products & services with carefully selected partner providers where we will distribute in the market-network MARKETPLACE with a revenue sharing model.  Doctor Innovators can EARN tokens, become a Doctor-Innovator-Facilitators, Paid Advisors, Consultants and take part in other income generating opportunities.

Want to become a HTC member? Click below to become a HTC “Fellow” for $50 USD.  Then return to SIGN UP and enter your HTC membership # below.  LIMITED to 100 Doctor participants for each session to keep quality and interactions high!

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Here is what else you will receive by signing up for DIUP:

  • VALIDATED Doctors Easily Access their Existing PROFILE provided by their organization and can EDIT
  • Share REAL Life Digital Health Innovation Experiences in DigiHLTHLibrary
  • Interactive Livestreams in DOCLive or DigiHLTHEvents
  • Experience Ultra-FastTech 100+ Emerging Tech & Digital Health experiences (XR, AI, IoT, Blockchain, 3D Printing) in the INNOVAHUB
  • Share DigiHLTH Images in DIGIHEALTH.
  • Invite up to 10 Expert Peers to join in-depth discussions with the DigiAsk feature
  • Other Programs/Events Free & Paid in DOCLive with safe, secure checkout via STRIPE
  • Secure, Encrypted Messaging
  • ADMIN Management Portal for Community Success Management
  • Built with Object Oriented Programing that allows us to continue to easily integrate 3rd Party API and other emerging tech (XR, Telehealth, AI and more)
  • 2022 Building out INNOVAHUB that includes existing D-P-P-C (Design, Plan, Pitch, Connect) Program & a market-network MARKETPLACE built on the BLOCKCHAIN
  • Corporate Employee Wellness Program EWP including Telehealth Powered by AI, IoT & Digital Health Data