Doctors and Journeyers both face similar “pains”—misinformation and unreliable content, caused by an explosion of digital content. In DOCLive top quality, validated doctors provide vetted content for the purpose of knowledge transfer, deep learning, and development to an audience of 18+ year old “Journeyers”.

Doctors are enabled to transfer their expertise and experiences in areas such as health, wellness and well-being, including regenerative medicine, preventative healthcare and anti-aging, which has now become even more vitally important in this new normal.

DOCLive is ALL LIVE, ALL Validated DOCTOR led, interactive streaming video. Validated doctors demonstrate LIVE, real life surgeries, procedures, and expertly discuss topics of vital importance to you during your personal journey of health, wellness and well-being. By participating in DOCLive streams you can gain in depth knowledge and understanding about what to do to always look and feel your best.

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