Co-Curated Programs

All programs are co-curated together with 4th Culture Doctors, partner-providers and TAMP Inc. using scientifically proven methods from related fields, and then delivered through DOCLive.

DOCLive is where a lot of the “AMPing Up” takes place on AMPdr™!

DOCLive is where 4th Culture Doctors Facilitate, Inspire and Exchange with both independent and employed doctors within the community.

DOCLive is where 4th Culture Doctors transfer domain knowledge to Healthcare Professionals HCPs as part of the “flipped learning” model (preview in REAL MEDLibrary to get ready, then in depth live interactions in the middle, and continuous review on the back end to make sure it is working!).

DOCLive is where 4th Culture Doctors transfer wellness & well-being knowledge to corporate consumers as part of the Corporate Wellness Programs.

Group Facilitation Program
Inspiration Program INNOVA X TECH Series

Exchange Program
How Might WE Featured Series

Domain Knowledge Transfer Program

Corporate Wellness Program