The Aesthetic Medicine Platform or TAMP was officially registered as “TAMP, Inc C Corporation” in the US state of Delaware on November 22, 2019.The current R & D and operation centers are located in Taipei, Taiwan and Hyderabad, India.

TAMP, Inc is building a global community in Aesthetic Medicine, enabling Innovation, Networking & Technology while leveraging on our powerful “Super-APP” platform for wellness.

TAMP, Inc has 26 original shareholders, including global co-founders (David A. Hall in the US, Fion Liao in Taiwan, and Aditya Tallapragada in Japan), 2 founding honorary advisors & board members (Dr. Sean Kelishadi, Board Certified plastic surgeon, technologist, and innovator, in Newport Beach CA, and community building & talent development expert, Mr. Robert Yeo, in Singapore), 2 mobile phone development engineers, and 19 worldwide advisors with diverse expertise. We also have 35 founding Advisory Doctors from the United States, Brazil, Saint Lucia, India, Italy, Germany, Malaysia, Canada, the United Arab Emirates, Australia, the United Kingdom, Singapore, Hong Kong, China, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Spain and Philippines.